Victor Contoski - Biography

Victor Contoski is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas, where he taught American Literature and Creative Writing from 1969-2006. He has published eight books of poetry as well as three books of translations of contemporary Polish poets. His two-volume sequence of short dream poems, The Blue Vase, appeared in 2015. He has written about his experiences at The Monroe Institute in Adventures at The Monroe Institute.

He has taught classes in Spiritual Awakenings (completely non-denominational) in his home with Jo Andersen since 2004. Spiritual Awakenings, their book about the classes, was published by Outskirts press in 2015.

His poetry, fiction, and translations have been included in umpteen literary magazines. His work has been translated into Polish, Russian, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Serbian, and Japanese. He is a member of Hedi Gump, a group of spiritual healers. He conducts a dream study group on the Internet, and he is a member
of the Board of Directors of The Psychical Research Society of Kansas City.