Victor Contoski - Spiritual Awakenings

Jo Andersen, a former mayor of Lawrence, and Victor Contoski here present a record of the classes in Spiritual Awakenings they have been teaching since 2004.

The overriding purpose of the classes, the theme behind all the exercises, meditations, and discussions, is to awaken our personal power so that we can make our connection with the Divine. We discuss in detail how we create our own reality, how we must claim responsibility for what happens in our lives. No outside force dictates our experiences. No person, no supernatural entity, makes us victims. We have within ourselves the power to solve all of our problems, which we can see as experiences we have created in order to learn.

The Powers That Be gave us specific instructions: “In these classes, we gain a greater understanding of our immense personal power and how to use it effectively by employing practical, simple steps to change our way of seeing the world. We get in touch with spirit guides and learn to listen with inner hearing for their guidance. We move away from the victim mentality to a deeper understanding of the way we shape and control our lives. We do away with judgment as we take full responsibility for all that is around us. Ultimately, we find and accept the joy that underlies everything.

“We participate in these classes to make courageous changes in our lives that enable us to reclaim our power and be totally in charge of our reality. Knowing that we cannot change anyone else, we focus on the changes we can make in ourselves. We learn how to take charge of a potentially uncomfortable situation and change it to our own benefit, remembering that if it truly benefits us, it benefits everyone.”

Chapters include: “Images of God,” “Fears,” “ augment and Games,” “Primary Guidance,” “Messages from our Bodies,” “Emotions,” “Meditation,” “Messages from our Bodies,” “Dreams,” “Karmic Relationships,” and “The View from Above.” At the end of each chapter Bill, Jo’s guardian spirit, answers questions from students.

Price: $25.00 postpaid in the continental United States. Contact