Victor Contoski - The Blue Vase Volumes One & Two

The author invites the reader on a journey through Dreamworld in this sequence in eight parts, beginning with “Magic Disappearing Act,” in which author and reader find their loved ones disappearing from their lives as if by magic. In the first section of volume 1, “Itineraries,” they set out with a tour guide on a journey into the subconscious. “The Ride of Your Life” shows a bewildering, rocky road into the Unknown, and “Dark Deliveries” finds author and reader undergoing a dark night of the soul. Volume 2 begins with “Historical Dramas” in which the past, perhaps even past incarnations, serves to put the present into a different focus. “Confronting the Frankenstein Monster” spotlights our fears and how we overcome them. “The Me Card” (which is wild) shows us with our new powers, and the final section of the sequence, “Tapestries,” presents a vision of unity. All the poems are based on the author’s dreams, many of which are strangely funny. More than once he woke up laughing.

Volume 1 is 385 pages. Volume 2 is 386. Fortunately all the poems are short, most of them one page.

Sample poem:


Long past midnight
you walk home in late autumn
stars like pins in a black curtain
a light breeze against your cheek.

The dimly-lit corner drugstore
displays its empty windows.
In a dusky back room
the druggist hunches over his books.

Night hovers quietly
over the misty earth.

You walk without making a sound
your feet scarcely touching the pavement.

Your body floats.
If you do not concentrate
the breeze will blow you away.

Your house glows in the haze.
You enter it quietly and slip back
into your unmade bed.


Each volume is available for $30.00 postpaid. Since the two volumes form a sequence, they are not sold separately. Contact